Just imagine what it would be like to triple your fundraising profits from last year’s fundraiser. Thanks to the Internet, fundraisers for churches, schools and other organizations stand to collect a great deal more money than ever before. In the past, the best way to collect easy church fundraisers ideas donations was to go door to door and have every person involved in the event asking for help. However, now you can reach a larger base of potential donators through the power of Facebook. Now, not only can you get money from family and friends, but their family and friends as well. Let’s go over how easy it is to take advantage of social networks that will increase your profits for any fundraising idea.

Do you know many people who are not using or talking about what’s on their Facebook? Well that exactly how you can use it to your advantage. The simplest way to promote a fundraiser on Facebook is to update your status with information about the event. You can do this once a day, but more than that may be seen as spam. You want to subtly remind people who have not yet donated about the cause without annoying them with three or more messages a day. There are different ways you can write a status as a reminder. You could mention the percentage of your goal that you have already donated, or mention any raffles that are being held in accordance with the fundraiser.You could also mention the last opportunity for folks to sign up or make an order.

Creating a fan page on Facebook can also help you advertise a fundraising event. This method of promotion can reach those that are outside of your own friends list. While only those who can view your Facebook profile can see your status updates, anyone can “Like” your page. There will then be a mention of it made on the wall of their profile which is like a free ad being promoted to all their friends. Therefore, you can gain a great deal more exposure by using a Facebook page for your event.

Facebook also allows you to set up “Events” on their platform. These are usually a way to invite guests to a party or other function. Invitations are sent out in the form of messages, and those attending can RSVP. For a fundraiser, you could create an event that contains the last day you will be collecting money. You can also remind all of the “guests” of the event through a private message every two to three days. Host a public event so that your friends can invite others, therefore spreading the notice of the fundraiser to even more people on Facebook.

As you can see, there is a great deal of easy methods you can use to promote a fundraiser on Facebook. You can simply update your status with the URL for your fundraiser’s website, or you can go all out and create a fan page. In addition to those steps, an event announcement is another good idea so that the fundraiser stays on your friends’ minds so they are sure to give money before it is over. With Facebook, you can also remind people every now and then so you can collect more money for the event. If you are a yearly fundraising group, your list will grow over time to further explode your profits.